Tantra homework

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Nancy

My neighbor was like me, searching for something within, the true sense of freedom; we called it tantra. We already went to seminars about tantra meditation, but this one was different. It had exercises to connect, demonstrated only by the couple to create polarity. All the audience could do was watch and take notes. When it ended, we both agreed, this seminar was a level beyond the others, so I went to his place to compare notes. We first started what was called the tantra gaze and had the will to try it. He took the initiative, and I accepted. It was just letting him stare at my eyes. In the end, he said it was super intense, and he felt that we truly connected. That nourished the seed, and we tried the next exercise. Same thing, holding hands. The giver part grabbed the hands; the receiver let her hands be grabbed. Those were the rules, the giver was called feminine, and the receiver was called masculine; according to our notes, she always offered to be penetrated, in this case, she offers her hands. He had a problem with the giver-feminine role, so asked me to play that role. I did, I fully grabbed his hands like the notes said, in an intimate way while he gazed into my eyes once again. His hands were so hot and started to warm me. It was a summer afternoon, and we were already sweating, so we took a snack break. I felt his hand on my knee, a slow intimate touch, and he asked me to pass the ice scream. It was strange and fantastic to feel this kind of touch out of the yoga mat, still waiting for our return to that hot living room. He grabbed a spoon and started to eat the strawberry ice cream with his eyes closed. That was the third exercise. After the longest minute in the universe, he opened his eyes, grabbed his spoon again, and approached my mouth. He wasn't gazing at me anymore. I felt that he was penetrating my inner feminine eyes, and soon had the promise to penetrate my inner feminine mouth, and I let him. I closed my eyes, opened my mouth slowly, and felt the flavor of the strawberry cream exploding in my mouth. The sweet power of this dessert froze time itself. We talked about the experience, and how metal can change the human connection in tantra, one of the reasons we use wood in China and Japan and even the hands in India. So we tried again, and his wet sticky finger with the ice cream got ready to enter my lusty mouth. And I sucked, his finger slowly, tasting my favorite flavors. After the exercise, he told me that the connection was so strong that he felt his energy on his water chakra, his penis. For me, it was at the earth chakra, my ass. He was so amazed that he pulled his pants, revealing his hard cock. We both laugh about it. And we decided that it was enough. I went home, just the door next door. I felt so hot that Ihad to take a cold shower. I was just starting to enjoy it, when someone knocked on the door. With wet hair, I wrapped my body in a towel and opened the door. It was him, naked, hard, in front of me.