I still wish to taste a man

A Sexual Fantasy

— By kakapo

With hesitation, I sent the message. My girlfriend was out with her friends. I needed to fulfil this urge. I messaged a man on the internet. We agreed to meet up. I told my housemates that I was going out for a smoke.


I wandered down to the bike park. A single man stood on the path, partially illuminated by the street lights above. At first I walked past him. Too nervous to make contact. The idea that I was to betray my girlfriend for a random man was terrifying. My conscious was telling to walk away. My dick was hard at the thought of this betrayal. I walked back along the dark path towards the man. We muttered a few words which I'd forgotten seconds later. I wandered further off the track to avoid street lights. The man was many years older than myself. I was 23. He appeared to be in his early forties. As my hands trembled, I whispered that I had never done anything like this before. I had never cheated of my girlfriend and I had never been with a man. He sat down on a park bench. I slowly bent down in front of him and asked for permission to undo his jeans. He agreed. He whispered that he was new to this sort of thing. We both seemed nervous. I was shaking with anticipation. I slowly slid my hand down his pants and felt his dick. It was soft and warm, yet it hardened and grew with every second.


As I held his dick in my trembling hand, despite every ounce of common sense urging me to walk away, I slowly kissed the soft end of his dick. It tasted slightly sweet and was sticky. It was strange being between this mans legs. I had enjoyed numerous blow jobs from former girlfriends, yet this was entirely different. This man was so vulnerable in my hands. Yet I was the one who was terrified. I blew the stranger for what seemed just a short while, he forced his rough hands through my hair. I could feel the tension in his grasp. He whispered that he was ready to finish. I wanted to swallow every ounce of this man, I wanted to finally taste him. I didn't. I was scared.


I still desire this taste and I fear these urges.