Something new to try

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Explorer

It was the last night staying at my airbnb in Greece. I had become close with the couple hosting me, staying up late having endless conversations. It was just the woman and I now, on the terrace drinking wine. The conversation turned to modern sexuality. Being open, dropping barriers, labels, and inhibitions. I've only ever been with women, I tell her. But I understand the appeal of exploration. The wine is gone, we go in to get more. In the kitchen, the man is in a towel, fresh out of the shower. The woman gives him a look, turns towards the bedroom, and waves me in.

Th man lays on the bed. The woman says, "something new to try." I slowly walk toward the bed. This is all new. My face is at his waist, my hand on the outside of the towel, rubbing, making him hard. I reach up and untie his towel. It's there. It's huge and beautiful. My heart is racing, my face is warm. Am I really doing this? - I hold him in my hand and lick from the bottom of the shaft to the tip - I am. I take him fully in my mouth. I love it. I'm moaning. He's moaning. The woman is now behind me, one hand stroking me, teasing me, the other teasing herself. I keep going, loving the feeling of him sliding in and out of my mouth. The feeling of my tongue all over him. It's pulsing. He's shaking. I'm not ready for it. Warm cum is sliding out the sides of my mouth. The feeling is incredible. I did this. I rest the tip on my bottom lip for a moment then take him in for a bit longer. I'm moaning again.

The woman says, "Now it's our turn." The man leaves. She guides me onto the bed, onto my back. She's sitting on me. Her dark hair cascading around her shoulders. She's already wet from watching. She slides herself up my shaft and I'm inside of her. We're in perfect rhythm. We cum in unison.