Sexual URGE

A Sexual Fantasy

— By urhyung

I have always been intrigued by the idea of sex clubs yet never took the actual initiative to visit one.
One evening after parting ways with some friends after dinner, I eventually seized the opportunity and went to visit one of the nearest sex clubs "URGE".
After heading down the discreet stairwell I buzzed the door and was greeted by a tall muscular guy, probably in his late thirties. He stuck out his hand and waited as I paid the fee and opened the door before telling me "Have Fun".
The place was extremely dark which took my eyes to adjust. The place was packed with a diverse group of guys: old, young, fat, skinny, white, black the list goes on. As I cruised the halls, I pass by a few bears eagerly looking at my tiny stature as they stroke their cocks through their tight pants. I politely decline and continue down the maze of horny men.
In one room, I see a young guy around my age on his knees servicing 6 guys in a circle. I can hear him gag on each and every cock as they take turns face fucking him. Seeing this turns me on and I watch from afar gently stroking my cock as the guys of every age and size feed the young guy.
I see an empty cubicle and make my way in. I pull out my cock and start jerking off to the porn displayed on the television. I wait patiently, for someone to stick their nice big cock from one of the many gloryholes in the cubicle. Soon enough, one cock shows up and I quickly begin to service it. Before you know it, another cock appears through the second glory hole. I take turns going back and forth on each cock before both men decide to join me in my cubicle. They take turns passionately fucking my ass, both of whom I could tell were married from the ring they sported on their hand. My moans and grunts become one of the many muffled sounds echoing down the maze. They both cum on my chest, leaving me in a nice gooey mess for me to cleanup.
As I leave the club, the doorman looks at me and asks, "So how did it go?"
I look at him and with a smile say, "Amazing!" and headed to the subway station.