Lesbian Power Shower

A Sexual Fantasy

— By steamygirl

Two beautiful, busty, best friends who often shower together have had a few drinks. They hop in the shower together and start washing themselves when one decides she wants to test the boundaries, with a soapy loofah in hand she tells her friend to turn around so she can wash her back, after washing her friends back she intructs her to turn back around, once facing eachother, she stares seductively into her friends eyes and bites her lip, then begins to wash her friends breasts, once her breasts are covered in suds she slowly moves the loofah down, to between her legs and slowly carresses her pussy in a back/forward motion with the soapy loofah, after 2-3 strokes she drops the loofah, keeps caressing with her hand and they start to pash... still wet and soapy they slowly move to another room in the house where the instigater lays her friend back and explores her body with her mouth and hands