Secret Dinner Party Tease

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Jaay

I’ve had this fantasy where I’m with my partner at a dinner party but with him as a partner I’m neither happy nor satisfied. There is also a stranger seated next to me at the table who I have come to find an incredible attraction to but he is also with a partner...unsatisfied. Throughout the night, we exchange glances, looks and then hints. I excuse myself to the restroom and he follows me shortly after and corners me...he doesn’t give or take it all then...but after all the build up, he pins me against the wall in a way to make sure I know this is what he wants. Separately, we return to the meal with our friends where he teases me under the table but no one knows what is going on. I’ve had dreams about this scenario because it’s such a fantasy of mine and the only way my dream ever ends is with this mystery man eating me from behind on the very table we just sat at and enjoyed a quiet dinner. There is something about the forbiddenness, secret teasing and culmination of all out pleasure together that just gets me going.