Is he really happy?

A Sexual Fantasy

— By lucaslike

We broke up more than a year ago. He always told me how hot I made him when we had the most amazing sex, I still crave it sometimes. He's a few years older than me, but our sexual chemistry was out of this world. We would go to bed early and have breakfast still sweating the morning after, mind blowing.

When I saw him at a bar with some friends a few day ago I was very turned on, and on my way back I started texting him innocently. Little I knew that he would come over and fuck me on my balcony on the middle of a warm Madrid summer night. After a hot steamy session he went back home to his boyfriend, and I stayed home thinking, if he's still obsessed with me and my body to come home fuck me in the middle of the night, is he really happy with the new guy? Or does he know that he sneaked out of his bed to be with me? That turned me on as much as having sex in first floor balcony while people passed.