Rainbow Rain

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Aqua

After being on the beach, I went for a shower. I was alone (this was a big shower with 4 shower heads on it). As I rinsed off, I could feel the thrill of being caught nude turning me on. I became erected and started playing. I stroked as I became more nervous about getting caught. I closed my eyes and focused on the cool water on my face and sandy body while I pleasured myself with nervousness. About to finish I was startled by a stranger undressing. I had not heard him come in. I stopped stroking and questioned myself, did he see me masturbating? Why didn't I hear anything? Maybe the sound of the shower obstructed my hearing. I was so embarrassed. He walked to the shower head next to mine. He nodded hello as he came to the shower with a semi erected penis (I peeked). I looked down in embarrassment. I cupped my penis to hide my erection and also because in all honesty I was shy about being caught naked, let alone masturbating. I risked showering in the open because I wanted to feel the thrill of maybe getting caught. I didn't plan ahead. Now there's a stranger next to me and we're both naked. He's in shape and although I'm heterosexual, I'll admit he was handsome. He looked at me as he lathered his body with soap, with this look on his face that reinforced my suspicion that he caught me playing. He reached for his penis and begin to play with himself. And his inspiration? You guessed it..me. He stared at my naked, wet, sandy body for jerk off material. My mind was racing as was my heart. After I got passed some of my timidity I openly watched him play with himself as oppose to just peeking. He stroked with one hand and grabbed his ass with the other. My erect, tip-wet penis was wanting to bulge out of my cupped hands so I set it free. I exposed myself and I was solidly erected. The stranger looked at it amplifying his strokes. He then leaned in to my ear and said, Can I touch you? I was unresponsive for a moment. I stared at my erected penis. Then I looked him in the eyes. I nodded yes. He spared no time reaching for my penis and he began stroking it liberally. I've never had sexual contact with a man before. I closed my eyes and faced the shower head as water engulfed my head and caressed my lustful body. All I could see was darkness, but all I could feel were rainbows. And then..I came. I came so hard. Like my penis was another shower head and this he turned it on. I moaned unrestrainedly. I kept my eyes closed for a while as he pulled the last bit of pleasure from me. I opened my eyes and looked down at him still touching me and I wasn't able to see my semen on him since it got rinsed off. That would have been intriguing to see. Then our eyes met. He smiled, and released my penis. I stared at him trying to engrave him in my mind. To never forget the man with whom I shared this unique moment. Then I stepped away and left. Was what I believed to be my sexual orientation just washed away? Now I get aroused anytime I'm near a public shower.