Public Privacy

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Suckdick

Me and this girl I'd just started seeing decided to shop for clothes together - she went to the lingerie section and pulled out this AMAZING nightie to show me. Naturally, I suggested she try it on - I'd wait for her outside, I said. After 15 minutes straight waiting though, I felt something was up - I picked my own garments to 'try on' and went and found the stall she was in.

I peek slightly over the stall door - and I find my girlie fingers deep inside herself, moaning softly so as not to arouse suspicion.

I gently knock, hearing her gasp and fumble for clothes before I say 'don't worry, babes, it's me'

She opens the door - and the rest is history, as she slams it shut again and pounces on me, kissing me passionately and grinding her naked pussy on my jeans like an animal in heat.

I know exactly what she wants, but I make her wait - setting her down and burying my face in her pussy...