The Pleasure of Polyamory

A Sexual Fantasy

— By helena.r

My confession... I break the rules society has set, and I love every second of it. Growing up it never occurred to me that you could (or should) be in love with more than one person. A somewhat religious background and society in general has made such an option taboo. So in my early twenties when flatting with two (gorgeous) men, who were best friends, I found my inhibitions, my resolve, and the rules, which I was supposed to live my life by, turned irrevocably upside down. In time my attraction to them both, drove me to explore a side of myself I didn’t recognise. They caring and understanding lent me the courage to be part of an amazing relationship. While both men had frequently shared the women they brought home, they had never been with each other. Now it is not just me that they love, but each other too. Now, I come home and find my loves waiting for me (or not...), to feel one of them being taken even as he takes me, I’m living every fantasy I never knew I had.