Physical Education

A Sexual Fantasy

— By lovelikethis

So this was back in high school. There was a new P.E. Teacher taking over our class. She was gorgeous!She had short blond hair and she was actually quite big especially for a P.E. Teacher. Something drew me towards her... Probably the fact that she was a teacher, not being able to have her made me want her more. I had cravings for her. She used to watch me get changed for P.E. She would just stand in front of me, starring at me without any expression on her face. I would watch her stare at me and I used to slowly undo my buttons and make her wait to see me in my bra and nickers. I could tell it frustrated her. She felt lust just as I did. I fantasised that one day, when we had P.E. Last, I would be real slow getting changed so everyone would leave and she would come into the changing room to see if anyone was still in there and I would be the only one there. She would watch me getting changed as she usually did and she'd bite her lip. Then I'd slowly walk up to her till our noses were touching and she'd take my hands away from my half done up shirt and undo the rest of the buttons before then sliding her hands up and down my chest gently. I would then kiss her and push her up against the wall. I would kiss all down her neck and chest and we would let the lust and passion run wild. Letting our cravings out, all the desire that had been waiting to be released, there would be nothing stopping us. She was only at our school for a short amount of time... On her last day I told her I had been craving her since she had started...