Out of Order

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Kristoffer Darlington

A young executive who's in the closet is working very late. He arrives on a subway platform only to discover some kid of delay with his train, no clear idaa of when it'll be fixed, and no money for cab fare. The platform is clearly old and underused, and he only security camera has clearly been ripped out by vandals. The only occupant of the platform is a homocore punkrocker who is obviously attracted to him, and can kind of tell he's looking at 'drag' so he starts flirting, sarcastically at first. The young executive is equally turned on by the punkrocker, turned off by his crudeness, but is feeling just fed up enough with his life as so far lived that he shocks the shit out of the punk by grabbing and kissing him with great pent up passion. They spontaneously fondle, grope, and kiss each other, continue to make out as they masturbate one another, eventually exchanging blowjobs to climax, and barely getting themselves recovered by the time the next train finally arrives. They part company, smirking and very satisfied. The young executive goes home, sets down all his stuff, walks into the bathroom naked, and starts giving himself a mohawk in the bathroom mirror.