Oldie but goodie

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Linsaythaw87

I like men, all kinds of men. Skinny men, fat men, young men....and older men. I remembered one older man I fucked. He was over 60, but he was a gentleman and passionate lover. He had a very large cock, long..... but not too long. It was thick with an enormous head, but fairly bubble with the constant flow of lubricating tube. I can even remember his name, Johnny. I thought he was a fitness coach. He had enormous muscular arms....and powerful hands and he just knew what to do with them. He had a way of pulling on my nipples without hurting me, his touch made them sensitive but never wrong. Eating when we were both hot, while I was sitting astride on his lovely prick of his, I tried to ride him slowly to sort of tease him. But I became so horny myself, feeling that large throbbing head sliding in and out of my cunt, I couldn't control myself, I quicken the tempo of my cunt was frigging his prick...fast as I could make it. I spread my legs so that...on the upstroke the head of his cock fit so tightly in my cunt, that created a vacuum there. On the down stroke this caused the suction inside that I felt all the way at the very top of my head. My own frenzied movements caused ripples of fleshes that spread over his entire torso, that made my movements more violent. Those ripples became waves, they should be against my clits and they magnified the feeling that I felt deep inside me. My inside was pouring, his entire belly was soaked with our juices, the flashes slapped against his cock inside came down on me, trying to drive him deeper into me. I came lots of time. Finally I felt his juices surged into me and still he stayed hard, vibrating, quivering onto my thrusts.