A Not-So-Confusing Sleepover

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Consusion

Two guys who are really good friends and share everything. One day they have a sleepover but one of them forgets pyjamas so he sleeps in his underwear, he is also confused about his sexuality. When the sun rises he has an erection which has gone through the small hole in his underwear which he didn't know was there. The other guy wakes up to his best friend's dick pressed against his ass and becomes turned on. (He becomes really confused.) He starts stroking his cock but he hears his friend waking up so he stops and pretends to be asleep, but his friend sees it and his own erection and pushes it against his ass further. They both turn to each other staring into each other's eyes, relieved and shocked that they both were confused about their sexuality. They then stare at each other's cocks and start to have sensuous, hot, steamy sex which was the best sex in their life both experiencing anal; with each other's dick inside them their friendship became a whole lot closer...