not into guys but...

A Sexual Fantasy

— By hokusai19

At one point I could not recognize anymore the two moans that were hitting my ears. With each of his thrust inside me, each getting me closer and closer to an orgasm I never thought I would have, I let out a deep, should I say moan? A sigh? A groan? I do not know. I have never felt so hard before in my life as I had then. And with each thrust he was letting out a loud bullish groan. I raised my head and in front of me was she; there she was looking at me and smiling with her eyes, seated at a distance. I had resigned myself to her wishes, her desire to see me getting fucked by a guy. I do not know what I enjoyed more- the pounding or the fact that she was enjoying it.

She was clothed, but she was playing with herself casually, absolutely certain that this whole symphony was under her control. She could control the tempo, the cadence and the pitch.

When the final score was played and we both fell on the bed with exhaustion, she approached me. Slowly. As if almost reluctantly. She was in control. Turned me over. She had a smirk kind of laugh on her face- was there contempt too? I do not know. Very slowly she took off her shirt all the while looking into my eyes with that smirk on her face. She came closer, sat me up, sat on my lap and breathed warm air on my face, She pulled me close and whispered "thank you." And we hugged. Our skins touched. Was it an hour? 10 minutes? I do not know. I was glad she had enjoyed it. I was glad to have been fucked by a guy as she watched.