New times, old friend

A Sexual Fantasy

— By botellacocacola

Because of COVID-19, instead of meeting with a friends in a bar, yesterday we did at home. We had dinner and after sending our 1-year old to bed, we began with beers. After some, I proposed remembering old times by playing truth or dare. We began light, but by the third dare that was told by my wife was to show our friend's famously huge cock. He did, and he began stroking it as to grow it as big as possible. My wife was a little drunk and laughed so loud that our baby began crying. I went to her room. By the time I got back, she was the one stroking him. They saw me. I said nothing. I said nothing when she begun blowing him. I just joined her, on our knees, licking that piece of meat. I was already rock hard when she stroked me while we kept sharing his cock. She said nothing when I told her to fuck him. She just did it. Feeling her moans on my dick while she enjoyed him was the best feeling ever.