My Spanish penfriend

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Azeno

He came this year in August, and during his visit he told me he thought he was gay. He is a thin guy, athletic guy, slightly tanned, with a thin face angel like face surrounded by brown curls. So I told him, "To find out, you can only do one thing: try it!" With that, I approached him, kissed him, and when he passed his hand under my shirt, I grabbed his booty.
He hesitated. He was shy. So I undressed him. Both naked, hugging, in my kitchen, we stared at each other. He said he felt nervous to be with a man for the first time. So, I pressed my hands on his shoulders, and invited him to taste my cock.He knelt quietly and timidly at first, he licked me up and down, before taking me in his hand before plunging me into his mouth. His hesitations were touching, but I wanted more. I sat him on a chair, and it was I who went then went down on my knees, swallowing his cock, taking him as deep as I could.
Then, I took the lubricant, and I smeared my ass with before inviting him to explore my anus. We moved to the living room, where he lay down on the sofa. So I settled comfortably on top of him, and I rode myself down slowly onto his cock. It entered easily, and he began moving back and forth.
His instinct took over, becoming more violent, as he grabbed my cock, shaking me until I cum on his chest.

That moment my girlfriend surprised us, walking in and seeing us together. She was at first furious, looking at me coldly, telling me she was going to punish me for my sin. She got naked too and joined us, but I was forbidden to participate. I just had the right to look at her fucking my penfriend. When she saw that I was hard again, understanding that it excited me to death, she ordered me to come fuck. She stayed like that, double penetration for a while, before asking our guest to fuck me. My dick in ass, my ass filled with a dick, it was incredible. As our friend had not yet climaxed, we finished with a double blowjob that ended in sperm being sharing between lovers...

I experience it again gladly!