Man, I Feel Like A Woman

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Azeno

Recently, I discovered an old porn cinema near my home. Driven by curiosity, I went in : dark rooms a bit shabby, haunted by hungry men. No woman in sight.
A few days later I told my best friend. She seemed amused, and asked me if I intended to return there. I said, "Yes, but not like this." We met again the following week, with the aim for her to make me a woman. I went through all stages: waxing, makeup, ... Under her fingers, my long rebellious hair became beautiful curls. She lent me a miniskirt, stockings, lingerie we padded with rice pocket and a bag to put lubricant and condoms. I rented heels in a formal dress shop. We worked until I felt beautiful. Then she walked me to the door of the cinema, made me swear to tell her everything. So I hope she sees this confession.
I got in and by the time my eyes adjusted to the light, I had three hands on my buttocks, passing under the skirt to enjoy the g-string. I said nothing. I settled in one of the rooms, seductive by my mere presence. My heart was pounding.
But I was nervous, and afraid of being discovered. I asked the usher if there were cabins. He told me upstairs. At the turn of the stairs, four men followed behind me. I locked myself in a cabin, and did not wait a minute to see a hardening sex through one of the holes. I stroked, licked, swallowed as much as I could.
The first was quick to come and enjoy in my mouth. Ten seconds later, the second came and showed me his craft. I was starting to get seriously excited. I jerked myself for a bit while licking him. After the third man was satisfied with my mouth, I made up my mind. I took lubricant and a condom, I slipped into my mouth to put on my unknown while getting ready. Then I turned my back to the wall, and slipped him into me. It does not take many back-and-forth movements before hearing him moan.
For my part, I had the greatest difficulty to remember moans or groans, especially in this uncomfortable position. But the pleasure I took was well worth it.
I got out of there tired, semen in my hair, a musky taste on the tongue, and fully satisfied.