Let the unexpected happen!

A Sexual Fantasy

— By brunny

It happened already 2013 in Istanbul when I discovered my bi-sexuality. After a bad break up with my girlfriend, I went on a Road trip with five friends driving an old mini-van around the Balkan. Istanbul was the highlight and turning point of our trip. All day it was crazy hot and in the evening we searched a bar or better a nice club. In the end we found a lovely self-organised space, that also was a meeting point for Queers. The atmosphere was very intimate and we danced all together on a small dance-floor.

I was already a bit drunk when one guy started flirting with me. He bought me some drinks and I let myself go without any fear of the outcome. Soon I was dancing around his hips and we were kissing each other on the dance-floor. Later he took me to a more hidden part of the club. It was a room with low ceiling, so you couldn't stand upright, that was designed as an ice cave and had many corners. He grabbed my already hard dick, that was horny awaiting his soft and experienced mouth.

But I was even more curious about his penis, my first one to suck on, so I got on my knees and pulled his trousers down. A wonderful and nearly 10inches long cock was right in front of my face. He was moaning and heavy breathing, resting his back against the wall, his head touching the ceiling, his hands rubbing my chest. I was a natural. I have no idea how long we were blowing each other of, or how many people did see us, I was just completely absorbed.

Since than from time to time I get this big thirst for big dicks.