Intimate Revelations

A Sexual Fantasy

— By manoudance

A group of 5 lifelong friends retreats to a mystical mountain cabin for a weekend. Soft music plays in the background as they sit around a crackling fireplace, sipping wine. One of the friend suggest a confession game. The friends sit in a circle, a sense of anticipation in the air. One girl starts by disclosing that she always had a crush on someone in this room. Then Liam, starts having having flashbacks of hot eye contact exchange with her during college. The general sexual tension rises. Another girl, adds "Well, since we're spilling secrets... I've experimented with a few things in college." We are having another flashback of deep and intense kisses and oral sex with one other friend present. After these two confessions they decide that this weekend should become a haven for self-discovery and acceptance. Liam exchanges glances with Tom, they start kissing and everyone follow their lead and start to kiss them on their back and slowly going down their bottom while slowly taking their clothes off. We can feel the mystical energy of the mountains, this wooden cabin and the crackling fireplace.