I need a dick in my mouth too

A Sexual Fantasy

— By MissTic

We met John and Ethan at a friend's party. Both were handsome, two beautiful men in their 40s. Tom, my boyfriend, loves anal play. He has a strap-on and he knows how I love to see him sucking it before I dive deep into him. It's more his thing than mine, but I do like it.

Anyway, we certainly had a couple of drinks when we decided to leave the party to go to John and Ethan's place. I couldn't tell why, but there was something hot in the air. Maybe it was the way John was looking at Tom, touching his arm - and sometimes looking at Ethan and me as if he were checking that everything was ok. Ethan and I were chatting, when I realized Tom was staring at me, something in his eyes between fear and pleasure. It took me 10 seconds before I saw John was down on his knees with my boyfriend's dick in his mouth. Oh God. My legs were shaking. It was so hot. I smiled at Tom and he seemed relieved, and Ethan smiled at me and gave me a little kiss before he joined them.

Next, Ethan was taking my Tom and kissing John at the same time, and I couldn't help myself, I slipped two fingers under my panties to calm my frantic wet pussy, and I came close to Tom. He was moaning, sometimes a little smile was appearing and disappearing. He was so beautiful. I told him I loved him, there was a smell of sweat and sex, I was hot, I pinched my tits without knowing what I was doing.

Then, Ethan was inside John, while John's cock goes deeper and deeper into Tom's mouth. And I love the show but I feel like I need a dick in my mouth too. So I suck him, fingers still working hard under my panties, about to cum with everyone else...