Good Dog

A Sexual Fantasy

— By nsara

(note: the scene as written is gender neutral.)

Everything begins with a collaring, and a couple discussing it. After consent is given, the collar, black and leather, probably an actual dog's collar is placed gently, lovingly around the pet's neck as they kneel below their new Owner. The owner laughs and looks down at their new pet, kneeling naked on all fours and points at them. "Sit. Lay down." The pet complies immediately, eager to please. The owner seems amused at this and turns to the nearby table, glancing down at its contents, a leash, a tail attached to a buttplug with some lube beside it, a tennis ball, and a small dog bone gag, and they reach down to the tail, grabbing the plug, and swishes it around, looking down at their new "dog". "Well, if you are going to be a dog, then you will need a tail. Stand." They say, and their pet moves quickly up to all fours, butt sticking out. The Owner moves around behind the pet, grabbing the lube, and runs a hand along the pet's rear, caressing it before moving in towards their ass, slowly teasing the pet's ass wider until they can slowly insert the tail. The tail pops into place, and the Owner stands up and regards their pet, ass sticking up, furry tail hanging between their legs and they seem more comfortable with the scene. "Be a Good Dog and wag that tail then." They say, and the pet complies, swaying their ass from side to side to get the tail to wag. The Owner pets the dog, and moves to the table, grabbing the leash, going to one knee, grabbing the collar, pulling the pet forward and snapping the leash on. They continue outside, the pet struggling with some embarrassment at being led around naked, and eventually the owner takes a seat, ditches their pants and looks over at their pet. "Well, I have heard that dogs are good with their tongues." They say with a smile, and pull the pet between their spread legs, and the Owner pets their dog while they please their owner.