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A Sexual Fantasy

— By dan1980

This might be a little odd but anyways, I think about for many years and it still turns me on, so I thought about sharing it. Please have in mind: I'm mostly heterosexual but love to play with dicks too!

Imagine you go out alone, having a coffee or tea, enjoying yourself. After a while a guy is looking at you. He offers a short and tiny smile, but you don't think about it much. You're lazy and yeah, it's more important for you to find the toilet. So you're looking for it and you feel good once you found it. A glimpse of release is in your mind, not knowing that it will be much more than using the urinal. The guy will join you and second after second it's clearer that both of you want to have fun, not just urinating standing but also feeling and tasting each other's dicks, maybe using the toilet cubical? Let's see. :)