Forbidden Cravings

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Briggs

I have always had a fantasy that my wife knows that I am interested in having an encounter with another man. One day when she is getting ready for work and preparing to leave the house she grabs her coffee leans towards me and says I know what you what you want to try so have fun with him today. At first I am shocked but also excited and I say goodbye and i will try to find someone today. After searching the online hookup sites i finally connect with someone that wants to meet up at my place. After he arrives we start to explore each other and end up in bed enjoying an exciting but sensual experience. I have forgotten about the time only to look up and see my wife standing in the doorway watching - she is surprised but excited to watch. She sits down and begins using her toy to pleasure herself while watching me, and after some time we finish together enjoying the new experience we have all shared.