Fuck Me Like You Fuck My Man

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Melora

I’m a bisexual, open minded woman. My hubby defines himself as “gay and madly in love with me”. We both love sex together.

For a year now, my husband has had a relationship with a handsome man named Vladimir. Vladimir is gay but once in a while likes the softness of a woman.

Vlad is a leader, he’s confident and loves to dominate his partner during sex. He’s my male version.

We get along very well but for months, I have this fantasy:

I think about the two of us, powerful and enraged, having sex in the fiercest way possible in front of my man, our man, like lions defending their territory, climbing on and fucking each other to dominate, like a fight, while our man is passively watching us, waiting to find out who’ll win him.

I eventually am the weakest and in acceptance of my defeat, V gets the right to fuck me hard, like he fucks my man. I can feel his musc-perfumed sweat drip all over my skin, his burning thick dick drilling me and his firm hands spanking my ass while my husband is licking and sucking every part of our hot bodies until our rage turns into orgasms...

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