Encounter with a Gay Salesman

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Horny RAD

It was the month after my breakup, when I wasn't in the right frame mind. I had lost self-esteem. I was extremely gullible, desperate, weak... to the point of breaking down any moment.

I went to buy a pair of pants for myself in a decent-looking clothes store for men. This was for a change of mood. I entered the store to be welcomed by a salesman who looked to be in late 30s to early 40s. He was taller than me, leaner and had a mustache. He asked me about my preference and size. I told him I wasn't not sure about size, but we can start with 32 inch at waist.

So, he brought me a bunch of 32 sized cargo pants. He guided me to a fitting room and helped me by hanging the pants on a hook and turning on the light and fan. He told me to confirm the size by trying one and asked me to not latch the door. So I simply closed the door without latching, removed my pants and tried one of the pairs on the hook. He asked from outside "Does it fit well?" I said, "I am not sure." He simply opened the door, stepped in and very deftly, slid his hand in the front side of my pants, between the hook and the belly, to check the fit. I was left rather dazed by his swift and bold move. He could barely put in one finger. He held it there longer than he should have, pulling and trying to slide it in. Eventually he said "I will bring a 34 for you."

After a few nervous minutes, I got another bunch of pants to try. Again, I removed the pants I was wearing and tried one of the new ones. I called him in. He did the same manoeuvre. This time, it was my turn to shock him. His hand went in fully, only to find some warm, semi-hard flesh. I could see the mix of expressions on his face. He had found the right companion in his playful activity. He used the other hand to tap on my boner from outside. Acting innocent, he said "You should not remove undies in front of strangers." I had given up my inhibitions by then. Without wasting time, I slid down the pants and let him have a view of my well-shaved crotch, which had definitely been missing human touch since my breakup. But not any longer.