El laberinto del fauno

A Sexual Fantasy

— By ulidope

So I have been talking to this guy from my college for about a month or two when he invites me to come to his house after school to watch a movie or so, but we both knew the intentions in all that. I got there and we drunk some strawberry juice and we were trying to choose a movie to watch, and while he was browsing I said  "Oh, I've never watched El laberinto del fauno" and that was enough for him to press play. After 30 minutes of the movie we got closer to each other and it all started. We kissed for a long time and I undressed him in his living room. I pressed my hands against his jeans and into his boxers, he took my shirt off, and then my pants and socks were the only clothes left on me. He got up and said "Finally!" and we went towards his room. There he took out my pants and gave me a really good blow job, always keeping his eyes at me. He was firm and gentle, he didnt use his hands for it but he was massaging my body at the same time. After that, it was my turn, I gave the best of me and made a fine blow job and even slap his dick in my face. Then we went to 69, I was under him licking his delicious hairy ass and he kept on doing a blow job. He said: "Do you have a condom?" And I said: "I didn't expect all this". He got up and when he came back he was holding a bottle of face oil. He sat in the bed pushed his legs apart and said: "Fuck me". And I did. So hard he screamed and told me to go slower, which I did for a few secs but I could not hold it much longer. After fucking him so hard he asked to stop for us to change position, and then we did it doggy style, hands-free, and I had to cum, and he said that I could come inside him and there it was. He wanted more and I laid down and he sat on me and fuck him again until I had to come again... and I did in his mouth.