Directorial Dream Cum True

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Roxy Foxx

I've always liked gay porn, something about the way the male body is shown on the screen and the fact that it's taboo makes it all the better. So when I found out that two of my friends had a dream of being in a porno, the three of us started joking about making one of our own.
We've been joking about this for a while now, but the other night over dinner it came up again and this time I was ready. I took out my old 8mm camera and told them they could start whenever they were ready. I thought they would get shy and that would be the end of it, I had no idea that the camera was just the toy the two of them had been looking for.
Every moment the two of them looked beautiful through my camera. I knew they were putting a lot of trust in me as a friend and my hand began to tremble at the thought of it. But this was my dream too and I wanted to enjoy it. So at one point I came in close and watched each of them orgasm. A perfect end to a crazy night.
Afterwards, as we said your goodbyes, I gave them the film as a memento of the evening.