Devil's Threeway

A Sexual Fantasy

— By CherryPieCrisis

I've had a crush on my sexy boss for some time now, which my husband not only approves of, but shares. My plan is to stay late in the office and when my husband arrives to fetch me, to flaunt our desires in my boss's face. Our kissing and petting will get him hot and I'll catch his gaze. My husband and I would invite him to join. I know my man has been craving my boss's cock, and watching him devour that cock would really turn me on... but I need them both inside me. I need both men's hands on me and both dicks in my cunt and ass. I want to feel so full, smothered by so much lust. I want to tighten around both men until I have every last drop of them inside me. They can cuddle together when I'm too high on pleasure to move.