Connection Error404

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Mauri Boffil

I once went to a teacher's conference in Rio. I felt lonely, so I downloaded grinder and started meeting people... The thing was, people there were strange, like too handsome, too athletic, and, as a chubby guy, I felt uncomfortable with it.

I met a nerdy guy, his nickname was Error404. We had a nice chat and quickly exchanged cellphone numbers and started talking more. I invited him over to my hotel so we could talk and have some vodka, but he couldn't: he had a test the following day. We kept in contact, talking to each other about trivial things.

On the second day, he came to the hotel to see me. I waited for him in front of the hotel. I'll never forget his cute yellow cardigan and the first thing he said to me, "Sorry, I'm nervous, do you mind if I smoke?" I offered him a cigarette. So, we went to the hotel room, we drank vodka, talked about our music tastes (it's hard to find someone who also listens to synth pop and trip hop) and we had more vodka... He was eating a snack and looking out of the window when, I don't know what happened to me, I kissed him. His lips were so soft and gentle... I was drunk and he was drunk too. I took my clothes off and he got naked too. We just stayed in bed kissing and hugging... We couldn't do anything else because of the dam vodka.

I felt the sun on my face and I was still between his arms, we slept together. I went under the sheets and gave him a blowjob to wake him up. He was surprised and pleased. Then he put me in the doggy style position, in front of a mirror, and we did it. After that, we stayed in bed all morning, until the night came and I had to go to the airport. He texted me saying he wanted to say goodbye at the airport, but it was too late, I had already checked in. It was so special and, since that day, even far away and by cellphone, we still talk to each other everyday and send each other music.