Closing Time

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Marques G

I have to confess, I've been in love with my co-worker for sometime. He's a model and is always on billboards and magazines and I can't help but to touch myself every single time I see him.

We both work at a bar in New York's Lower East Side. Its always packed and women flock to him when he works. At times I get jealous but I always find a way to make him notice me again. We have a funny way we communicate. We flirt off and on and sometimes I try to lay it on thick but he kinda rubs it off.

Whenever we close together at the end of the night I just sit there imagining him fucking me all over the bar. Pulling my hair eating me ass, I'm riding his cock from one bar stool to another. The idea of finally being inside my one true crush makes me go over the edge.

I find out he has to move to Europe for a few months for a job. We have one more shift together and It's driving me crazy. Knowing I won't be seeing him for sometime and the thought of not being with him before he leaves makes me sad.

During the shift we both get slightly drunk and we're both just in good moods. When the bar closes everyone leaves with smiles. In the end it is the two of us. He's counting the money while I'm cleaning the rest of the bar.

I all of a sudden feel a hand touch my shoulder. I can feel the hand slowly going down my back onto my buttocks. I turn around to my coworker kissing me hot and heavy. My neck and face, going down to my stomach. I feel him pulling my shorts down and exposing my cock and he greets it kindly with his mouth. I can't hardly contain myself.

Spitting all over my manhood. I want to cum so badly but I get this urge back and lift him even tho he is taller and take him to the booth by the bar and lay him roughly on the couch. I take my wet cock and slowly insert it in my lover. I fuck him from behind and the feeling is the biggest bliss I've ever felt.

Pulling his hair while he masturbates himself. Kissing his back, his neck, I tell him I'm cumming and he says the same. I pull out and cum all over his backside. He is also cumming and I lay below him and let him unload all over my face and mouth. His warm spunk taste so good as it drips from my tongue. We both sit at the bar naked, sweating still with cum all over us watching the sun come up. We both share a drink because well we are at a bar...