Carnal Thoughts

A Sexual Fantasy

— By charles_eh

Me and an old buddy, both former jocks, and our two college-age sons are on a weekend getaway. We're priming in my hotel room before going to see a rugby match. This involves doing some drinking, passing a couple of joints, placing a few bets, and keeping our pact not to discuss our wives or girlfriends.

The final task before heading over to the stadium is to help one another apply his greasepaint. That is, print in team colors on each other's bare chest the different letters that spell out the name of our visiting squad.

After relieving myself of a six-pack, I'm surprised to find just my buddy's son in the room. He's uncapping paint sticks and says the other two went across the hall to get started on their letters. Surprising to hear since I usually pair up with my bud for this task.

He takes off his tee. Now, I've seen this 20-something lad shirtless dozens of times before, but this time is different. His newly toned abs, his puckered nipples, all that alcohol coursing through my veins...

I squat down in front of him and press a blue paint stick against his flat belly, then draw a line up over the faint bumps of his ribs and onto his firm right pec. We're so close I can practically count the little blond hairs and the goose bumps covering his skin. The after-shower body spray he uses fills my nostrils. Melon and musk.

My palms grow sweaty. My man nipples harden uncomfortably against my shirt. My cock stiffens, begins to ache behind a snug zipper. I’m sexually aroused.

All I want to do right now is grab the lad by the waist, punch my tongue deep into his navel, and pretend it’s his virgin asshole I’m licking. I want to kiss my way down his treasure trail to the waistband of his jeans and use my teeth to unfasten the button. I want to mash my nose against the cotton briefs cradling his balls; feel him tremble from my warm breath on his thighs.

Should I go for it? Would he let me? Is my longtime buddy right now sucking off my adult son across the hall? Will the night end in a slick of greasepaint and cum on the bed sheets?