A Sexual Fantasy

— By darlingsongbird

Sometimes I consider making an OnlyFans or similar, touching myself for a camera, for an adoring audience. I imagine a handsome man my age, watching from the other side of the screen, touching himself as he thinks about how my tight cunt would feel around him. I imagine him messaging me, throwing money for me to spend on pretty lingerie and toys. "Good boy," he'd say through the screen, "make yourself feel good, forget about anything else. Just focus on the pleasure, my dearest songbird," I'd let him into a private chatroom, and give him a private show as a thank you for the presents. And he'd walk by me during the daylight, recognize me, and realize that I'm not as far away as he thinks. And maybe this pretty man would be confident to shoot his shot and seduce me. Maybe I'd fall for him. And we could do all the things he messaged me about...