A Call Boy for my Boyfriend

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Darkmind

One day I came home earlier than usual. My boyfriend Chris was already home. So I caught him in the dark living room masturbating to porn on the TV. To my shock it was gay porn. Then he reaches for one of my vibrators to penetrate himself. This made me very horny and wet. So I start to stroke my pussy. When he shoots a big load I come too...

Later that night I ask him about what I saw and he confessed to me that he always dreamed of gay sex but did not dare to try it.

5 Months later it is his 35th birthday. So I decide to surprise him. After a lovely dinner, I take him to a hotel room for the night. We take a shower together and he eats my pussy until I come. Then we go to the bedroom, which I´ve decorated with candles to make it very romantic and intense. I tie him to the bed and put a mask over his eyes. It was time to reveal what I had in store for him.

I crept to the door where a call boy was waiting. I had already agreed everything with him so he knew what to do. I led him to the bed to Chris where he undresses. I start to kiss Chris before I pull back as the call boy begins to suck his dick whilst stroking his own penis. I sit down and watch everything and start to masturbate. The call boy then starts licking Chris´ ass before fingering him. I come hard. Then the call boy puts a condom on and rubs lube over himself before penetrating Chris very slowly before fucking him. Chris moans with excitement. But at this point he thinks it´s a strap on. It was so hot, I started rubbing my pussy a lot harder.

In this moment I loosen the blindfold so Chris could see he was being fucked by a man. His excitement became clear as he squirted without a touch. I never saw anything like that before so I came again! The call boy pulls out his cock, looses the condom and jerks off in front of us. He shoots his load all over Chris cock. So I grab Chris´ hard and sticky dick and jerk him off to reach another orgasm.

The only thing I regret is that I did not have a camera with me. It was the most fantastic and kinky night!