A Sexual Fantasy

— By dswm12

At a family outdoors event a few years back, my brother-in-law enjoyed a few beers as our wives (who are sisters) were entangled in their dynamic. Well, a few became a few too many, and somehow "life before marriage came up." Which quickly led to us trying to out do one another in our past, crazy sexual conquests. But he won the competition that night with "I lost a bet with a frat brother in college and was his bitch for a week. I got fucked. He made me blow him. And everything else. I'm glad I can say I tried it, since it was kept between us."

I haven't stopped thinking about this.

Whenever we're together, my mind races. I've noticed my brother-in-law's big viking dick more than before. I love my wife, we have great sex, but the fantasy of being held down and enslaved by him wracks my brain. I could never confess this to her. It's new territory, and I don't know what's harder—my cock when I think about it, or managing the jealousy knowing he's been around the block. There's a lake house all the families go to each summer, and the thought of sneaking away to go fishing (something we do) and him ravaging my mouth and my ass owns me. I think of the smell of his jock as he forces himself into my throat, sweat wet in his thighs, drool and tears streaming from me as I gag. I feel the deep grass on my bare chest and and the fresh smell of the earth as he pushes my shoulders down and takes me ass up. I imagine us secretly thrashing in the bushes, stinking of sweat, ass, and cum.

I long to eat out my wife a couple hours later with the taste of his cum still in my mouth. I'll fuck her harder than usual, like I was just fucked, my hole burning from his girth earlier in the day.

I can't imagine this. The fantasy haunts me and is visceral.