A Sexual Fantasy

— By dreamsource

My male best friend, who I've known for quite some time, is visiting me for the weekend and after long walks in the city we're back at home relaxing and talking about our sexual experiences and fantasies. I show him my collection of sensual porn while we're sitting on the couch. He's really fascinated by the movie and I can feel how the whole situation and the movie on the screen are really turning me on. I become very nervous and feel like I want to masturbate. I ask my friend if he cares if I undress and touch myself. He says he doesn't mind and after a short time he starts watching me. He undresses and starts masturbating as well. After a while we start to pay more attention to each other than to the movie and our hands start to move carefully and shyly over each others bodies, showing each other what we like most. I feel the need to lick him, so I take his balls into my mouth and look him in the eye until he comes. The next morning we feel anxious at first, but then we look into each others eyes, we start to laugh and hug.