Better Than a Video

A Sexual Fantasy

— By ValleyBottom

I visit a gay bath house. I strip, shower and put my cock ring on. I take a tour around the bath house checking out the various venues. I finally end up in the video room where there is this looking guy sitting on the upper tier slowly stroking a nice cock. He asks me if I would like to suck him which I do. I remove my towel and suck this nice cock. It fills my mouth and I use my tongue to stroke it. Soon a new man enters the video room and watches us for a few minutes. He sits next to me and commences to stock my cock and play with my ass. He discovers that my ass is lubed and available. He puts on a condom. The next thing I feel are two hands on my hips and a cock pushing into my rectum. He slowly fucks me while I continue to suck the cock. The man who's cock I am sucking encourages my fuckor, telling him to go deeper and faster. The man fucking me obliges and soon grunts as he explodes into the condom. The man I am sucking stops me and informs me that he wants a piece of my ass. I give him a condom and he is soon fucking me. Others come into the video room to watch and encourage the man fucking me. After he comes and leaves I am quickly penetrated by another and offered another cock to suck.