Best buddies forever

A Sexual Fantasy

— By schaans

My college buddy and I are great-looking straight hunks. Into women. But one drunken evening while on a business trip to another city, it all goes to a different place.

We pick up a girl in a bar, who seems to like both of us, and who we both like. Since neither of us wants to go back alone, all 3 of us end up going back to my hotel room and start making out.

Slowly - fumbling around, messily, sweetly we end up making out with each other. Then all three of us are kissing, touching, sucking. My buddy and I are surprised by how great this feels. SO much is said by the eyes we give each other.

What follows is mind-blowing orgy sex. Erotic, full of discovery and surprise, full of friendship and love and newfound lust, sexy as fuck, sweet as fuck.

Touching a penis for the first time. Sucking it. Kissing a man for the first time, a face I've known forever, now experiencing it differently. Flashbacks to the years of college days, going for runs, quick showers in locker rooms, chatting, going out, getting drunk - now interspersed with sucking his cock, rimming him, kissing him, and him doing all those things back to me. Knowing how I might like my foreskin played with, and doing the same to him. Giving him pleasure like I like it.

And our friendship is altered and more beautiful and richer forever.