A special first time

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Flyingdoctor

A very warm summer evening. We are on our bicycles towards our favorite spot in the forest. Luckily we find our secret escape is empty. Immediately our cloth are off and we enjoy the fresh water on our skin washing away the noise and the heat of the city.

“What can be nicer than this picnic with the promise of the best desert to have at the end?” Your eyes wandering over my naked body even more than your voice tell me what kind of desert you have in mind. “Well- some additional entertainment- listen!” The sound of people who already seem to be at desert floats around the bushes. We stare at each other in the first moment not sure how to react but then I take on my bikini slip again. With “give me 10 minutes” I sneak around the corner.

The young couple is so much enjoying each other that I can nearly touch them before they realize the presence of a visitor. One deep breathe by all three of us and I am part of the action. Wow- they are hot- but I need a little break- need to tell them about the poor guy on the other side of the bushes who most likely goes mad by our sounds. “Give me 1 minute before you follow”. When she and I hand in hand went around the corner I could just see the astonishment in your eyes, could see your mouth opening trying to tell that you are not into men, but then his arms wrapped gently around you and his mouth closed your lips with a soft kiss. Any of your fear and resistance was washed away in seconds- your body reacting much faster than your brain could realize. We moved closer pleasing each other with our hands while looking at your absolute sensational first time with a men.