Lynx Ymir & Riba Nevaeh

Porn director

Lynx Ymir and Riba Nevaeh are two directors from Finland who met at a naked model drawing class in art school and went on to work on their first joint XConfessions project The Nude Muse together.

Lynx has performed and directed for XConfessions before in Näkki - Spellbound and Catberryjuice, and is a queer feminist intersectional artist who explores the diversity of touch, movement and lifeforms. They are a transforming being who loves to celebrate the planet, space and sex.

Riba is a writer and artist who has played with sex her whole life. She is a serial monogamist who enjoys silence and solitude, spending most of her time with her ever changing family. She loves ceremony, seasons and nature, and practices stretching her understanding of people as a wider concept than just humans.


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