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Ellen Pearson
Ellen Pearson is an artist filmmaker creating hybrid works. Part fiction, part documentary, part porn her intention is to defy genre and categorisation. She openly plays with controversy and the term pornographic whilst at the same time employing conventional filmmaking techniques. Creating rich visuals and strong characters, she encourages the viewer to question their own preconceptions over what society considers to be artistically valuable. Although she experiments with taboo her lens is purposefully joyful and cathartic, avoiding the binary tropes that connect displays of sexuality with darkness.

Kitty Drake
Kitty Drake is a writer and editor based in London. She writes on food, culture and sex and is the winner of the 2019 AA Gill Award for Emerging Food Critics. She is a regular contributor to the Guardian and the New Statesman and her writing has appeared in the Sunday Times, Vice, and Dazed and Confused. She co-founded the multiple award-winning feminist magazine Ladybeard, and works closely around the politics of sex and femininity. Grief Encounter is her second porn film.

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