Sulema Vasquez (Drykettle)

Porn Actor and Performer

Sulema is a creative, queer, and passionate healthcare professional currently calling Berlin home, after many years of living in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Veracruz, Mexico, and Wisconsin, USA. 

Sulema advocates for postpartum bodies, a solo parent herself; “Parenthood should be the enhancement or the continuity of exploration and sexuality instead of the erasture of it... unfortunately that is not the mainstream narrative and I am contributing the work to change that.” 

A strong believer in sex/ body positivity and the industry’s potential to create integral sex education, she believes the future of alternative adult films lies in inclusion and diversification of the industry while dismantling harmful stereotypical ‘brown female’ roles.

Sulema started with taking erotic portraits of herself and publishing them because of the lack of representation and bodies that looked like her own- then moved to professional shoots and collaborations, solo home videos , erotic documentaries, until she arrived to her first non solo feature with XConfessions, Orlandos. 

“Society often paints the picture that we have to pursue one dream or the other - a typical ultimatum - I said “a la chingada” I choose them all, I just refused to choose and that ironically was the best choice I ever made.“ 

Berlin, Germany
Activist, Sex Educator

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