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Who is Luna Silver? Let’s get to know her in depth

Introducing Luna Silver, a modern Renaissance woman making waves in the world of adult entertainment! With a newfound passion for performing, Luna brings her artistic flair and constant desire to create to the screen.

From strip clubs to the silver screen, Luna's journey has been one of exploration and self-discovery. Embracing her bisexuality, she celebrates the beauty of love and pleasure in all its forms.

With each performance, Luna's natural beauty shines. But there's more to Luna than meets the eye—her work in adult cinema has been a journey of empowerment, helping her unlock the secrets of her own body, desires, and pleasure.

Join Luna on her exhilarating adventure of self-discovery and sensual exploration. Get ready to be mesmerized by Luna Silver, the epitome of confidence, beauty, and unapologetic pleasure!

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For starters, experience the thrill of a new city and a blossoming lesbian romance in Tulips, Nat Portnoy and Luna Silver debut porn film for XConfessions! Set against the sunny backdrop of Amsterdam, Join Luna on her journey of sensual discovery as she meets Nat in the park, sparking a fiery romance that leads to a steamy exploration of desire in Nat's new flat in the city. This lesbian porn movie is an ode to spontaneous encounters and open communication, alongside the best cunnilingus ever.

Do you like threesomes? How about some bisexual action? Watch Hot Pot 3 Way, an aesthetic bisexual threesome porn movie, where a man decides to surrender to another man for the very first time, in an unusual setting that will make you crave both food and sex. Enjoy hot pegging, Gay BDSM, Anal BDSM and a bisexual threesome with gorgeous Luna, all in one.

Feel the erotic tension between strangers in Nina Sever's short film Can You See Me?. Bishop Black & Luna Silver share stolen glances across the street, lost in fantasies of what could be—an emotional, erotic encounter blurring the line between reality and desire. Experience the intimacy of suburban longing in every frame.

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