Edi Santos

Porn Actor and Performer

Edi Santos was born in Venezuela but grew up in the United States, in Indiana. He is based in Madrid now. He is really into nutrition, health, and fitness.
This line of work is a journey he started with his partner Ariana X; he was never part of the industry until he worked for Erika Lust.
For him, sex is the essence of what it means to be human. We all enjoy our sexuality on our way, but sex is an important part of everybody's lives. So he doesn't understand why it's still so taboo and looked down on. Art is about capturing the things we live and experience. So why shouldn't we capture one of the most amazing experiences in life, which is having sex?
He was in film school and wants to write and direct. He always wanted to be a filmmaker and dreamed of directing a movie (with real sex) that would win at festivals.

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