Michelle Gutierrez Fernandez

Porn photograph

Michelle Gutierrez Fernandez is a queer feminist Venezuelan photographer, based in Berlin since 2014. She works with studio and street photography, but mostly likes to combine elements of portraits and erotica. Her aim is to focus on a wide range of body shapes performing sexuality and sensuality in different ways in order to demonstrate beauty and intimacy in its many forms. Through her work, she challenges social norms around beauty standards, intimacy, and erotica.

With time, Michelle's work has steered towards portraits that are both soft yet powerful, focusing on the intimate moments she's able to share with her models and friends. For her the most vital aspect of photographic work extends beyond merely performing a job, but rather being present as an individual and connecting with every face, body, and energy present before her camera. Thus, she aims to create a bond with her models before shooting as she asserts this allows the latter to feel comfortable and relaxed in showing their true selves

Porn Photos by Michelle Gutierrez Fernandez