Hamaca Sutra

Hamaca Sutra Porn movie details


Length: 31 mins

Director: Lis Freimer

Performers: Chanelle Blu & Alex Sanz

Guest stars:

Photographer: Lara Blacklock

Tags: Romance , Fetishes , Oral Sex , Couples , Orgasm , Passionate , Very Latin , Heterosexual , Real Sex

Based on Hamaca Sutra a confession by Coromoto

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to have weightless sex? This movie is all about the art of having sex in a hammock.

Chanelle enters a small artisan's shop in a very picturesque village in Venezuela, as she looks through the items, she discovers a book with a title that captures her attention: 'Hamaca Sutra' (Hammock-Sutra).

Among the pages, she discovers how interesting and exciting a hammock can be. So together with her partner, she dives into the unexplored work of hanging pleasure. 

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Behind Scenes

Interview: Chanelle Blu & Alex Sanz

Interview: Chanelle Blu & Alex Sanz