Lost again, found again

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Animals234

There's something magical about rediscovering an old connection, igniting a new spark in someone that you thought had disappeared from your life... I dated Lisa (changed names for privacy) for a few months in university. She was beautiful, inside and out, and she was the first girl for which I felt a strong, almost transcendental connection. Unfortunately, neither of us really wanted relationships at the time, and the "situation-ship", as they call it now, fell through after a few incidents of jealousy. We really liked each other, though, and I always kept a fond memory of the time we spent together - a true springtime fling that was infused with a rare kind of love and bliss; how rare, we didn't know yet.

A few weeks ago, after almost a decade of not speaking, I ran into her in the street. She doesn't live in my city, she was here to visit with her husband and year-old baby. I, too, am married now, quite happily as a matter of fact. Yet, I can't help imagining: what would happen if she moved into my neighbourhood, in the house right in front of ours? I love my wife, but would I have gotten married to Lisa if we had stuck it through? When I saw recently, she was as beautiful as ever, with that same glimmer in her eyes that had made me fall for her in the first place. What if she was the one that got away? The one for me?