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Meet Migi, the Californian native now rocking the scenes in Paris, Berlin, and Barcelona. Their playground? The adult film industry. Between shoots, you'll catch them biking, reading, tattooing, doing inversions and yoga, cooking, or making music.

While it's been over five years since their last studio film, Migi fondly reminisces about the mainly queer/femme production teams and impeccable styling that fueled their passion. Although they primarily resided up north in California,  Los Angeles often felt intimidating and overwhelming.

Rebellion is what inspired them to work in the adult industry. Their favorite lesson has been that there is always somebody out there who will appreciate what you're doing if you put your heart into it. In their world, adult cinema represents the possibility and space to simultaneously express their liberty, creative power, and sensuality.

Yearning for more collaborations with creative powerhouses, Migi aspires to delve into studio films while remaining true to themselves. Their vision encompasses embracing every aspect of their identity, embracing whatever age, shape, or form they inhabit.

Beyond the world of adult cinema, Migi boasts a collection of music awards garnered from various art collectives and cultural establishments in California. 

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