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Meet Kristen Scott, the award-winning porn star, originally from sunny San Diego, California. Starting as a camgirl and transitioning to professional porn in 2016, she has been loving every moment of the journey. Her passion for the porn industry stems from the freedom it provides to express herself genuinely.

Moreover, this performer says she thrives on meeting and collaborating with incredible people and the possibility of exploring her sexuality. The cherry on top of the cake is the opportunity to share these experiences with a broad and diverse audience.

Believing that porn is a vital expression of human nature, she advocates for its importance in fostering understanding and embracing diverse forms of sexuality. Identifying as queer, she is a proud advocate for queer porn, contributing to a more inclusive representation within the world of adult entertainment.

Known for her deep connection with fans, she cherishes the intimate bond she shares with her audience.


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When asked about her experience working with Erika Lust, Kristen Scott enthusiastically highlighted the unique elements that set it apart. She values the incorporation of storylines, the personal touch, and the cinematic quality.

What can you expect in a Kristen Scott porn? According to herself, what she likes to do the most within the adult industry is to be submissive to her partner, to explore taboo topics and making girls cum.

In XConfessions you can find an intimate Kristen Scott porn in Masturdate: I Love It When You Guide Me with Kristen and Nikki, a porn that explores masturbation while in a relationship. This Kristen Scott porn is incredibly personal, with Kristen being sensually led by their partner at the time, until climax. Like a good girl, this performer loves it when Nikki tells them what to do. 

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