Gia Kush

Porn Actor and Performer

She is a writer and an adult cinema performer from Mexico. She loves twerking, playing the handpan, making reggaeton music, and swimming. She describes the adult industry in her country as abusive and sexist.
She started working in the porn industry because she has always been very sexual and has watched porn since she was very young. She always loved to write, so she had many ideas for scripts. Performing taught her to know her body and empathize so she can enjoy herself and make others enjoy.
She wants to keep doing her own videos with her own ideas, improving every day, working with more productions that care about human rights, and trying to make more companies ethical, so performers don't have to suffer anymore.
Sometimes she works in television as an actress as well. She won an award for debuting actress in Mexico. You can watch her XConfessions debut in Beso de Mezcal.

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